The Problem Most Business Owners Face

When it comes to your marketing, your messaging is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. Only most business owners get it wrong.

They might be clear about what they do, but they don't communicate it well. That’s usually where the confusion is for prospects and if they’re confused they don’t become customers.

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The Solution?

A consistent, defined message where we express your unique business to the world. We give you the tools and strategy to get there.

Stop wasting time with inconsistent messaging, marketing efforts that fall flat, and cookie-cutter templates.

Instead, build your unique message that attracts your ideal clients.

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Marketing and Website Audit

We dig down into your business

A strategic assessment to solve the problem of what we can do quickly to make the biggest impact.

Research and development

An audit of your industry, your audience, competitors, and market landscape.

Audit Report

Outlines our findings with suggestions for quick actions to make a big impact on your bottom line.

Audit Session

Two hour recorded live video call and presentation of the audit with up to five members of your team.

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What do I get after a Marketing and Website Audit session?

No only do you get the full recording of our session, but you also get the audit in a PDF digital document. You also get a full transparent quote of what it would cost to implement your roadmap for you if you want to hire our team.

What's the process?

First, we chat on the phone in an assessment call to figure out if we're a good fit. Everyone deserves to work with someone who is as excited about their project as they are.

If we're a match, then we schedule the session for a week to two weeks later so I have time to do research into your business.

We get on the recorded Zoom call, and we go over your roadmap. You ask me your questions, we chat about your business, and have fun while we're at it!

Within three business days, you get a copy of the recording emailed to you, a transparent quote, and a digital document of your actual audit and insights. Nice and simple.

How long does it take?

It takes about a week to two weeks to have our session. This is so I can take a deep dive into your industry, competitors, audience, and market landscape.

Our recorded call is two hours long. The presentation usually takes just over an hour and the rest of the time is spent answering any specific questions that you have. 

You'll get your recording, and documents in three business days.

How much will it cost me?

For the amount of research and work that is done, most strategist charge about $1,000 for the value that their getting. The Marketing and Website Audit helps you see where you can improve your marketing strategy and messaging, something that your entire business hinges on, so you start generating income from it quickly.

I charge $500 because I know that it makes it an absolute no-brainer for you. With the insights you gain, you'll be able to make your investment back as soon as you start implementing your newfound clarity.

Brand Guidebook

We create an expressive strategy

Now that you know what needs to change thanks to the Brand Audit, we can dig into the HOW it needs to change. And provide consistent messaging for your business.

Brand Definition

We dig in deep to the substance and definition of your brand. What makes you "you"? How does your brand stand out in a crowded space?

We've learned that you don't have to be better than everyone else, but you do have to be different. We figure this out together.

Your Brand

What's a good definition if you can't express it? We develop a brand persona that feels like it could walk off the page, and an individual communication framework. Because we take the time to understand your brand, you do this work once and learn how to best communicate your substance.

Consistent Marketing Messages

All tied up in a pretty hardcover guidebook (and PDF form), this keeps your messaging consistent to your potential clients, staff, and future contractors. Use the messaging on your website, send to copywriters, marketing agencies, whomever to keep things consistent, a must in marketing!

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What do I get in the Brand Guidebook?

A full brand strategy - We dig into the definition of your brand. Not only do we define clearly what becomes your brand foundation (your mission, vision, and values), but we also figure out what makes you stand out from your competition.

With detailed research into your ideal clients and competition through a variety of methods, we don't guess, we KNOW what they want.

A brand persona - We create a complete brand personal that feels like a walking, talking human. Not only do we define a personality (and more than what you see on most "Brand Personality" Quizzes), but we craft a brand language and vocabulary that is based on our ideal client research.

We also clarify and express where you stand on the big questions in your industry so you can keep the messaging consistent.

Two expressive frameworks - Next, we create a communication framework (or a "cheat sheet" to your brand) and a client journey story. Using these together, you can spin out thousands of stories and marketing messages quickly, all in a consistent and efficient process.

A visual identity - We take all the brand strategy that we've put together to create an amazingly expressive logo, color palette and typography choices, as well as guidelines for use. This isn't just a one page "Brand Guideline" sheet (although we do include that incase you need it). Instead, you get a fully formed style guide that any graphic designer would drool over.

A hardcover physical handbook - What's the use of all of this strategy if it stays locked in the depths of your computer's hard drive? You get a printed hardcover handbook that will quickly take up residence on your desk (or at least within arms reach). Don't worry, you get two PDF versions as well - one with a few select areas to edit in case your brand shifts a bit over time.

Brand Identity Assets - The files! Show me the files!

  • Your strategic logo and sub-mark in color, black, and white (PNG, JPG, PDF, and SVG files included)
  • Business card design and possible other print collateral in PNG and PDF form
  • A five page website designed with the client experience at the center
  • Social media headers for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (in PNG format)

Plus a bonus, the Mini-Marketing Handbook – How to use your Brand Guidebook and strategy to come up with a Marketing Strategy.

What's the process?

Before we can create an Brand Guidebook, we need to figure out our final destination with an Brand Roadmap first. So first we go through that process.

Then we start your Brand Guidebook process. We have an initial kickoff meeting where we go over the process and what's expected of everyone. Once that's done, the real work begins.

You provide me with some information about your brand and business (because you know your business best) and I get to work on your strategy.

We have a few meetings or "Check in points" (all recorded) to make sure we're on the right track. It takes about three weeks from start to finish to create an amazing guidebook.

We pass a few drafts back and forth, you approve the strategy, and off it goes to the printer!

We celebrate when it's over and you get an amazing business asset that not only saves you time (no more five hour meetings with new marketing contractors to "understand your brand"), but something that will revolutionize the way you market your business, hire new employees, and keep you motivated..

How long does it take?

It takes about a week to two weeks to have our Brand Roadmap session after our initial call. This is so I can take a deep dive into your industry, competitors, audience, and market landscape.

Our recorded call is two hours long. The presentation usually takes just over an hour and the rest of the time is spent answering any specific questions that you have.

You'll get your recording, and documents in three business days.

Once the contract is signed, we book the kickoff call. You get about a month to work on the information that I need from you while we wait for your project time.

I work exclusively with one VIP at a time, so the sooner you book, the sooner we can dive in. I will give you a timeline estimate before you commit so you know roughly when we'll be starting.

Once we start the process, it takes about three weeks to develop the full strategy. Then there's another week of edits and tweaks.

It takes just over a week to get things back from the printer once it's sent off, but you'll have your PDF (and other digital files) once we get final approval.

How much will it cost me?

Your entire business is affected by your brand strategy. From your logo to your brand mission, it touches nearly everything that you do.

I also only work with one client at a time. You get my full, undivided attention during our month of developing your expressive brand strategy.

Every project is different, which is why we send a transparent and broken down quote that we're happy to review with you.

Typically, it costs $6,000 to create your strategy from scratch. Other packages are available and can be discussed on a discovery call.

Professional Website

We create a professional website

Finally, it's time to show off all of your hard work with a professional website that shows off who you are as a brand and business

The Pages

We include:

  • Five main pages designed specifically for you and your business based on your Brand Guidebook
  • Calendar integration and thank you pages
  • Legal page set up and recommendations

The Details

You also get:

  • A drag-and-drop editor included so you won't have to worry about updating
  • One round of revisions
  • Access to the website training portal!

The Launch

We throw in:

  • Hosting for a year on our servers
  • 30-Days of email support
  • One 30 minute follow up call

From start to finish it takes about a week to two weeks. We use your guidebook for content so it's easy for us to move quickly.

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