How It Works

step 1

Initial Fit Call

You and I jump on a 10-15 minute call to see if we're a good fit to work together. This is not a high-pressure sales call.

I ask you a few softball questions, explain how I work, and then you can ask me whatever you'd like.

If we both want to move forward, we do. If not, then it's great to get to know another person building a service business!

step 2

The Clearbrand

A 360-degree interview where together we go deep into your business. I get to know who you are, what you've already done, and where you want to go in the future with your personal brand.

I help you slice through the uncomfortable work with ease to find your brand opportunities and exactly you should be doing (and what you can safely toss out) to own your vibe with clarity.

You get a confident action plan that you can implement on your own or hire me to do the dirty work for you.

The cost of the Clearbrand is applied to the Actionbrand if we decide to take the next step together.

step 3

The Actionbrand

Based on your Clearbrand interview, I create your entire brand to show off your amazing services so you are noticed as the in-control service provider you are.

I handle all the tough stuff from the strategy and website, all the way to setting up the systems you need. It's all about taking action and getting you out there comfortably.

Plus, you know the exact steps you need to take after we work together so you can calmly move forward with your business.

All of this is handled in a matter of mere weeks (not months) so we can rip the band aid off any daunting tasks and get out out there in control in no time.

The Clearbrand

In this intensive interview, I help you address the questions that your ideal clients are asking, often in a way that service providers are blind to in our own businesses.

I look for your clear difference so you can stand out as a service provider to attract those high-level clients who desperately want to work with you and are happy to pay higher-prices for your expertise and experience.

You'll look at your business through a new lens and see it with clarity, and your ideal clients will see it that way too.

Includes the interview and a written brief that identifies your clear brand opportunities and a plan to move forward.

$500 (USD)

*(This cost gets applied to any services moving forward).

The Actionbrand

The Actionbrand is for service providers who need branding now and don't want to wait 6 or more months to start selling. Everything you need for a complete brand that is custom to you as a done-for-you service provider.

A total brand in less than a week

We work together for two whole days and have my full efforts and attention to execute your branded materials.

You get my expertise and know-how to guide you through the process to creating something that is uniquely you. I only work with service providers so I know exactly what you need to make an impact.

You walk away with everything you need to confidently go out into the world as a specialist, commanding higher price points and clearly selling you and your knowledge in feel-good way.

Projects can include: your brand's positioning & messaging, copywriting, logo, marketing materials, sales software set up (CRM), a responsive website that works on every device - all designed, built and launched by the end of your one or two-day Actionbrand.