Take the Drama Out of Your Tech Stack

Automate your stack to continuously delight your clients

I expected that more of our interactions would be just the email or texts and the amount of FaceTime that I got with [Jennifer], we basically did it together. And that gave me a sense of control that was helpful to me and also a sense of buy-in and being involved in the process.

Dana L.
Career Coach

Technology for small business is my business.

As a lifelong techie with an obsession for websites, design, and general tech. I'm passionate about helping organizations to better connect through their digital presence.

Most people do their best to put a good group of products together to make their business run smoothly, and then get into a jam when something goes wrong (and something always goes wrong at one point or another).

My goal is to help you avoid the "tech trap" of overpaying for software and services by simplifying your tech with your client's experience in mind.

Praise and Testimonials

I want to share how grateful I am to Jennifer for bringing things up to me that I didn't even think about. Thank you for being that person and being insightful yourself to ask me the questions you need to ask in order for me to understand what I need to present to my clients.

Renee Sullivan

Jennifer helped me not only design an amazing website but also a cohesive brand for my consulting business. She was very thorough and communicative during the entire process. I highly recommend her if you're looking for a solid branding experience!


Jennifer seems to genuinely want others to succeed so I feel like she puts her best effort into determining ways to help you improve your business and make it the success that you dream of it being! The info received was a lot more in-depth than I expected.

Stephanie Shuman

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