Creating strategic brands and marketing plans

Blending technology and creativity to transition from DIY to unforgettable messaging

Creating strategic brands and marketing plans

Blending technology and creativity to transition from DIY to unforgettable messaging

What I do

After I take another sip of my Earl Grey tea, I'd love to chat with you about your branding and marketing.

You've built a business. You're getting clients, but maybe they aren't the perfect fit. Maybe you'd like to get more consistent clients, or better clients.

Perhaps you've plateaued at that $5k month and you're looking to move to the next level.

Often business are built quickly and take off, but then hit a point where they need some help to get to that next step. That's where I come in.

Does this sound like you?

You put together a logo in Canva, host a "free" website on Wix, and you're not sure how to break through to that next income level.

You have a system, but you know you need more in order to get more results.

You've thought about trying new funnels or new marketing channels, but with so many options, you want a partner who knows what she's doing to help guide you.

You want this done and checked off the list. Let's work together to bring your elevated business to life!

People no longer want to deal with businesses. They want to deal with other people.

One of the best strategies then is to help show the human side of a business to potential clients or customers.

There IS a better way: Creating a Strategic Brand

Clarify your vision

We take a deep dive into the substance of your business and build a brand personality to attract your ideal clients.

Define Your Brand

After figuring out who your brand is, we define your core message and story, your visual identity, and put it all together. This provides a system for you to use in the future.

Plan the Future

We create a cohesive brand strategy that is more than just a logo and website. We use it to create strategic marketing to grow your business with a consistent message that attracts those ideal clients.

Building elevated messages with women entrepreneurs to scale their business

Our clients are strong, driven, and passionate entrepreneurs building their families and businesses together.

I work with one client at a time so you have exclusive access to me and we can focus deep on your business and messaging.

We help you develop the foundation of your core messaging and create a marketing plan so you enjoy more freedom and flexibility with a thriving business.

We start with a brand roadmap, a strategic assessment where we look at your business for opportunities.

Then we implement this roadmap to create a solid and clear brand strategy. This system gets you to the next level.

The Process


Get on the phone for a free 15 minute discovery call

We talk about where you're at in this no-pitch call and see if we can find any insights.


Create your Brand Roadmap

We figure out what key areas will give you the most bang for your buck by auditing where you are and researching the landscape.


Create a Strategic Plan

We implement your roadmap to create a clear brand strategy based on a mix of science, creativity, and intuition.


What they say

Lori SilvA

Pinterest Strategist

I didn’t realize how inconsistent I was, in terms of branding, links, etc.

I am so GRATEFUL that I came across her services! I would still be in the dark and wondering why things weren’t working out for me. I am so excited to get started with the changes and start seeing growth!

She was extremely respectful and knew what to say and how to say it! Not once did I feel like she “talked down” or made me feel like I was doing a horrible job with my business.

Jennifer’s skilled at what she does and I feel like everyone could benefit from her technique. She never made me feel small; rather she guided me. She had great suggestions that I wasn’t getting anywhere else.

I feel truly blessed to have come across her, and I just KNOW that my business will be much better after taking her advice.

Marie Jackson

Professional Organizer

I needed help with designing a website that readers understand what I do when they first visit my website.

Jennifer provided feedback on areas that could be improved making it a friendlier user experience.

She never made me feel bad about how my website currently looks. She praised what was already done well and where things could be better.

She’s honest, detailed, and most importantly empathetic. She provided actionable feedback on things I can easily fix.

If you’re looking to move your business forward then hire her. Content that converts matters and she will be able to provide the feedback needs to help you reach your goals.

After doing this on my own for quite some time, she gave me perspective that I’d been missing quite some time. I’m so happy to have found her.


What's brand strategy?

Branding is often thought of as a logo, and maybe your color scheme. In reality, it's much more than that.

Branding is how people feel when they interact with your business.

Are they excited? Disgusted? Trusting?

A brand strategy is a plan that takes the feelings we want people to associate with a business and creates a number of frameworks to help point people in the right direction.

What's the difference between branding and marketing?

Branding is how people feel about your brand.

Marketing is how you build awareness.

They are partners who depend on each other. Without branding, marketing is scattered and uncontroled. Without marketing, branding doesn't matter because nobody knows who you are.

Why do you need both brand and marketing strategies?

Marketing without a brand is like a toddler coming back to the beach blanket with a pale of water. They may think they know where they are going, but end up off course without fail.

Branding helps to inform every marketing tactic and gives you a clear guide to work off of.

However, a business without a marketing plan isn't helpful either. If you build it they will not come. You have to market your business to see these gains.

So brand first, market second, and watch your business grow!

What makes you different?

Creativity is not only necessary, but vital to building a brand. Technology and practicality is also an important
ingredient to a successful marketing strategy.

I strive to balance the two together to get the best of both. By leaning on the strengths of both, we can
create a unique blend of creativity and practicality that my clients benefit from.

My super power is breaking down complex topics into understandable bites. When working with me, I'm going to make sure you understand your strategy.

I have experience in both areas as a software engineer and life-long creative, something I use to your advantage.

How strong is your brand strategy?

Take a free quiz to see where you rank when it comes to having a solid brand strategy.