Helping B2B Consultants Get Noticed Online

Stand out to attract your ideal clients

by building a genuine online presence

Un-intimidating the process of being noticeable


You be you! Project your own vibe knowing that it's exactly right for your business.

Rather than taking a shot in the dark, you need a process to figure out exactly what makes you stand out.


Confidently help potential clients go through your sales process knowing it's a great experience set up to convert.

The tools don't have to be hard. Anyone can use the right software tools if they have the right training.


Get a clear online presence that says exactly who you are that converts your ideal prospects into perfect clients.

Your digital assets are key to getting clients, but they have to be set up correctly.

From Engineer to Brand Strategist

A software engineer turned brand strategist, I help you stand out online. I used to think I'd have to become someone I'm not in order to succeed in business. Then I learned that was not quite right.

In reality, you can be noticed for being YOU. Together we look at your history, past business success, and your market to figure out what specific messages will attract your ideal clients without compromising who you are. 

It's routed in facts and data, guaranteeing it's all based on who you are instead of some mythical personality. I did it for myself and now I've helped many clients through the process as well. 

I strive to make the entire process as unintimidating as possible for my clients.

We Confidently Work Together To Create:

The Noticeability Blueprint

A 360-degree interview where together we go deep into your business. I get to know who you are, what you've already done, and where you want to go in the future with your personal brand.

I help you slice through the uncomfortable work with ease to find opportunities and what exactly you should be doing (and what you can safely toss out) to own your vibe with clarity and get noticed by your ideal clients.

You get a confident action plan that you can implement on your own or hire me to do the dirty work for you.

The cost of the Noticeability Blueprint is applied to the P•A•C Program if we decide to take the next step together.

The P•A•C Program

Based on your Noticeability Blueprint interview, I create your entire online presence to show off your amazing services so you are noticed as the in-control B2B consultant you are.

I handle all the tough stuff from the strategy and website, all the way to set up the systems you need. It's all about taking action and getting you out there comfortably.

Plus, you know the exact steps you need to take after we work together so you can calmly move forward with your business.

All of this is handled in a matter of mere weeks (not months) so we can rip the band-aid off any daunting tasks and get out there in control in no time.

What Clients Say

I love how much time Jennifer spends with you. That was so unexpected to me. I expected that more of our interactions would be just the email or texts and the amount of FaceTime that I got with her, we basically did it together. And that gave me a sense of control that was helpful to me and also a sense of buy-in and being involved in the process.

DANA LYNNE VARGA Musician Career Coach

I want to share how grateful I am to Jennifer for bringing things up to me that I didn't even think about.  Thank you for being that person and being insightful yourself to ask me the questions you need to ask in order for me to understand what I need to present to my clients.

RENEE SULLIVAN Hiring Strategist

Jennifer helped me not only design an amazing website but also a cohesive brand for my consulting business. She was very thorough and communicative during the entire process. I highly recommend her if you're looking for a solid branding experience!

CHARLENE LEWIS-LABEAN Online Business Manager

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