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What I do

After I take another sip of my Earl Grey tea, I'd love to chat with you about your marketing strategy.

There's a LOT of noise out there when it comes to marketing.

There's so many talking heads but not a lot of people talking about how it all comes together.

There's so much to do, you have to prioritize, so how do you  know where to start.

That's why a small business owner or entrepreneur needs a full-stack marketer to help them with the big picture.

Clarify your vision

We take a deep dive into where you currently are and where you want to be to create the right action steps.

Take action

We come up with a plan for you to get it done and do it right. With a clear action plan, you know what to work on NOW.

Plan the Future

Create a plan to attract your ideal people. Gain targeted skills through mini-courses without the fluff.

I help struggling entrepreneurs transform their business into a money-making solution by applying a clear marketing strategy. 

I see you, the frustrated small business owner trying to grow your business. There are so many mixed messages out there and you don't know where to start.

I help implement the 5 Marketing Magnets for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Together, we can spread your message and find your ideal clients. We work together to come up with a great digital marketing strategy that delivers results.

Our Process


Take the assessment

Let's figure out what you need most right now and what's going to make the biggest impact


Get on the phone for a free 15 minute discovery call

We talk about where you're at in this no-pitch call


Have a clear plan

Move forward with a clear action plan and grow your business without the noise


What they say

Lori SilvA

Pinterest Strategist

I didn’t realize how inconsistent I was, in terms of branding, links, etc.

I am so GRATEFUL that I came across her services! I would still be in the dark and wondering why things weren’t working out for me. I am so excited to get started with the changes and start seeing growth!

She was extremely respectful and knew what to say and how to say it! Not once did I feel like she “talked down” or made me feel like I was doing a horrible job with my business.

Jennifer’s skilled at what she does and I feel like everyone could benefit from her technique. She never made me feel small; rather she guided me. She had great suggestions that I wasn’t getting anywhere else.

I feel truly blessed to have come across her, and I just KNOW that my business will be much better after taking her advice.

Marie Jackson

Professional Organizer

I needed help with designing a website that readers understand what I do when they first visit my website.

Jennifer provided feedback on areas that could be improved making it a friendlier user experience.

She never made me feel bad about how my website currently looks. She praised what was already done well and where things could be better.

She’s honest, detailed, and most importantly empathetic. She provided actionable feedback on things I can easily fix.

If you’re looking to move your business forward then hire her. Content that converts matters and she will be able to provide the feedback needs to help you reach your goals.

After doing this on my own for quite some time, she gave me perspective that I’d been missing quite some time. I’m so happy to have found her.



As a full-stack marketer, I discovered that many small business owners are inundated with messages about how they should be doing their marketing.

Many of these tactics are for larger companies. So I created the 5 Marketing Magnets as an easy way to know what to work on when.

They are your:

  1. Branding
  2. Website
  3. Content
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Social Media Marketing

What's a full stack marketer?

A full stack marketer is someone who understands all the different pieces of marketing strategy and how they all fit together.

Without being able to understand how it all works in harmony, it can be difficult to gain real traction or know that you're working on the marketing efforts that will create the biggest ROI.

Who needs a full stack marketer?

Small business owners and entrepreneurs are the ones most likely to benefit from a full stack marketer. These are the people who do not want to hire a full marketing team or an agency.

Hiring one person to handle your email, and then someone else to do your social media , etc, can cause inconsistency and a scattered strategy. A full stack marketer can sort you out!

What's your specialty?

I focus on the five marketing magnets. Of those five, conversion focused web design is my specialty and will always have a special place in my heart (because it's the center of your marketing experience).

I also have a background in SEO, though do not offer those services at this time. Ask me why on a discovery call!

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