Websites are my favorite part of digital marketing. It's fun to find different ways to bring people back to your website but at its core, your website is really the foundation for your entire business. It's so important, I'm going to tell you why you should hire a pro.

The Elephant In the Room

Let's talk about the big elephant in the room. What's the deal with the website thing? It is easy to go out and DIY your website. 

So, why am I sitting here telling you, you need to hire a pro? It's just because I want you to give me all your money, right? No, that's not the case.

You can absolutely DIY your website, but should you? 

Why Hire A Pro

Let me put it this way. I could try to DIY the electric work in my basement, go on YouTube and learn all about it, read books and study up. I could go over to Home Depot, get as many supplies as I can get, come home, and try to make it work. 

At some point, I'm going to have to say a little prayer and really hope I don't burn my house down! 

Or I could hire a professional electrician who's going to come in, already have the tools, and the stock. Probably gets the stock at a discount because he buys so much of it, and is someone who knows the codes.

They get it done right. A lot faster than I could and rather than saying, "I really hope I did it right,'' you know, it's done correctly. 

Sure, you paid a little bit of money for it, but think of all the time that you would have spent trying to learn how to DIY it. In the end, you're probably going to have to hire a professional anyway to come and fix the mess you made. That is why I always suggest that you hire it out. 

DIY Versus A Pro

What's the difference between a DIY job versus having someone else come in and help you get set up the right way? When you DIY something as important as your website, trust me, a lot of people can tell.

When you DIY something as important as your website, trust me, a lot of people can tell

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It's easy to go out there and hire a developer if you don't know how to code or use one of these free sites. With page builders now anybody can put together an easy site. It's so easy you can do it in an afternoon. 

Doing The Right Thing

But here's my question for you. How do you know that you're doing the right thing? 

Sure, you can go and read blog posts or watch DIY tutorials on YouTube. You might even have someone that says, "Oh, I've done this before. I can help you." But there's so much more that goes into it. 

Do you think that major companies are out there, DIYing their own websites? Of course not! 

They probably have an entire team. I've worked on some of those teams before, and let me tell you, there's a lot more that goes into web design than just making something look nice on a page. 

My suggestion is always to hire a pro because you don't know what you don't know. It's not just hiring a developer and saying, “You know what,  I can tell you what I want it to look like, and I just want you to go out and create it.” because a lot of people do that. 

My suggestion is always to hire a pro because you don't know what you don't know. It's not just hiring a developer and saying, “You know what,  I can tell you what I want it to look like, and I just want you to go out and create it.” because a lot of people do that.

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I understand. You figure, oh well I'll save money on the design work. But...

  • Are you doing everything exactly the way you should be doing it? 

  • Do you know all the psychology behind every single decision on your website and every single element? 

  • Do you know what others are doing in your industry? 

  • Do you know what makes people convert versus what makes them leave?

You can try out a bunch of different strategies and Lord knows there's enough out there on the internet. You can pretty much find a strategy for almost any marketing tactic out there. You'll find lots of strategies for website design. I know, because I've seen them all, but I got to tell you there's a lot of awful advice going around out there. 

You can try patching something together on your own. Create a Frankenstein site and sometimes it'll even look a little bit okay. But I can guarantee you there's going to be something that's just a little bit off and you're not going to be able to quite put your finger on it.

Website Visits

If I haven't convinced you yet, let's talk about this a little bit more. How many websites do you visit every day? 

Every single day and I'm not just talking about your desktop or your laptop. I'm talking about on your mobile phone too. 

Do you know that 60% of online traffic these days comes in the form of mobile devices? Yep, and everybody's on their cell phones and that number is going up drastically. Before you know it, everything's going to be pretty much on a mobile device. 

Think about how many websites you visit every single day. Trust me, that number's a lot, and I can almost guarantee that if you actively tracked how many websites you go to every single day you would be shocked. In fact, I'm going to challenge you to do that right now. 

If you have a history on your browser, and most people do. Go back in and look at how many websites you viewed yesterday. Do this on your mobile phone, and then come back and do it on your desktop. 

I have a funny feeling you're going to be shocked at just how much scrolling you're doing to find all the sites that you visited.

Shopping Online And In Stores

Do you shop online? Do you know that something like 95% of people shop online at this point? Yeah, and over 60% of people will go online to check out your presence before they even set foot in a brick and mortar store. 

That just blows my mind! That amount of people are checking things online. Honestly, I say, it blows my mind, but I really shouldn't be surprised because I do it too. 

Poorly Designed Websites

Do you ever get annoyed at poorly designed websites? If you're saying no right now, come on, let's be honest with each other. Every time I talk about this, people are like, oh my goodness. Of course! 

Do you ever land on that website with five popups and you're like, oh my goodness, what is all this stuff coming out at me? 

Have you ever gone to a website looking for a very specific piece of information and you can't find it?

What about when you're trying to go somewhere, you go to their website trying to find their address and you just can't do it? 

How about when you're looking for an answer, you have a problem and you just want to know how to get your kid to sleep? Been there, done that. I can tell you; I've read a lot of blogs on it, went to a lot of websites just to find the answer to that particular question. A lot of them, I was backing out right away because they did not look legit.

Building A Better Website

We've all been there. We've all seen it, but we like to put blinders on when it comes to our own online business because we think we can do it better. 

Sadly, that's really not the case. With the internet going in the direction that it's going and the world going in the direction that it's going, every lost opportunity is lost business and it compounds from there. Why risk losing customers because you're determined to do it yourself?

Why risk losing customers because you're determined to do it yourself?

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Define Your Ideal Client

The first step is to define your ideal client. Who is it that you most want to work with? Who are they? 

We don't need to get down to the super-specific where I want to work with online business owners who are virtual assistants and have purple hair. We don't need to get down to that level, but you should have a basic idea as to who your ideal client is. 

That doesn't mean that you're excluding everybody else. If somebody else who's not your ideal client wants to work with you, you can make that decision, but it's easier to market to an ideal client.

Build An Attractive Brand

Step number two is building an attractive brand, to bring these people to us. We want them to recognize themselves in our branding, establish communication and create a relationship right off the bat to make them choose you over your competitors if you do it right.

Hold Your Visitor’s Hand

The next step is guiding them to the information that they want. If somebody comes to your site looking for very specific information, it's important to tell them where it is. If you don't tell them where it is, how are they going to find it? I can guarantee you they're not going to stick around for 10 minutes clicking on every single link trying to get there.

Guide Them To Take Action

And then finally, step number four is guiding them to take action today. Now, that action is going to probably be different on almost every page of your website and that's totally normal. But that's the benefit of working with a professional. 

A professional can help you define those goals and really help guide a person to make those decisions. This could mean booking a call with you or signing up for an email list. It could mean something like purchasing a product or enrolling in a course. 

There's so many different goals out there and actions out there that it's worth talking to a pro and working with someone who knows what they're doing. 

Someone who can tell you this isn't going to work, who can be upfront and honest with you and tell you things like, Hey, that's a great idea, that's a great product, or someone who's seeing your website for the first time is probably not going to invest $10,000 in your mastermind. Let's see if we can step it up a little bit differently and I know what these problems are because I've seen them. 

To wrap it up...

I hope at this point you understand why a website is so important and why it is the foundation of your business.

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