What to Expect

All the info you need to know before your P•A•C Program Intensive!

I'm excited for your P•A•C Program!

In preparation, please read the following so you know what to expect, and then fill out the form ‘Pre-P•A•C Program Info Needed’ on this page (you can also email that info if you prefer).

The Details

The P•A•C Program is an intensive process designed to build an entire brand for your business in a short amount of time - your time that is! 

In order to make the process go smoothly I do as much of the backend research and creative work as I can beforehand.

  • By the time you arrive I have thought a lot about your company and, based on the strategy in the Noticeability Blueprint brief you approved, have developed a plan to build an impactful brand that will set you up for the professional online presence you’ve been dreaming of! 
  • IF SOMETHING CHANGES IN YOUR BUSINESS - I NEED TO KNOW ASAP! I cannot guarantee I can work in changes received within two weeks of the P•A•C Program.
  • The P•A•C Program is an iterative process that builds on itself. I have a schedule that I follow to ensure I deliver all items as promised. This requires us to move along in the process in a somewhat timely manner.
  • But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for feedback! Quite the contrary, I welcome your reactions, thoughts and questions as they come up.
  • It’s important that we discuss all feedback before moving forward because all future decisions build on previous decisions.
  • If you're going to include Termageddon (affiliate link) or other software on your website, make sure it's set up and you're ready to go before Day 1! 


*Day 1 starts on Zoom at 9 am ET sharp (unless otherwise discussed) and it is imperative that you arrive on time so that we stay on schedule.

Please fill out the following form no less than 2 weeks before the P•A•C Program so I can make sure the project goes smoothly. (Please note the form will not save work to come back to. If you need time to fill it out, please either just email me the answers or use a document to back up your work!)

While the schedule is for the morning of Day 1 and the afternoon of Day 2, you may have light homework in between to leave some time to get it done!

If we're doing Marketing Software...

For my marketing software P•A•C Program clients, we're going to be putting your marketing software together at a rapid pace. Please come prepared with the following:

  • You will have homework so make sure you schedule time on your calendar for the afternoon of Day 1. This homework ensures that we don't waste any of our time together doing things that you're able to do on your own and leaves us time for unique training tailored just for you.
  • Bring your onboarding steps: What are the first two steps that your clients need to take to work with you? For example, I ask people to come to this page (Step 1) and fill out a form (the Pre-P•A•C Program Info Needed). You might ask your clients to send you paperwork, book a kickoff call, whatever you may need. Keep it short and sweet as it will be edited to go into an email.
  • Also bring your offboarding steps: Also keeping it short and sweet, what happens when you're finished working with a client? Do you have any follow up calls they can schedule? Do you make any recommendations to most of your clients? We'll want to put these in an email for you!

Optional but highly recommended software accounts (click the links for video lessons):

  • Stripe (PayPal optional) 
  • Professional Google Account
  • Google Analytics Account
  • Google My Business Account
  • Contract and invoice software (I have a simple solution for contract and invoices but if you'd like something else, we can try to automate it)