Pre-Actionbrand Info Needed

Full Name *
Email Address *
Login info to your current site in case I need it to import your blog to the new site
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Login for your account (or wherever you purchased your domain.)
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Websites/brands you like *
If you haven't already, please tell me a few websites or brands that you like, either in your field or not, and tell me what you specifically do and don't like about them. You can also send this in an email. (Don't worry, I'm not looking for you to pick a design direction, this is more for me to understand your taste and your definition of design words!)
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Social Media
Which social media channels do you use? Please send logins for all social media accounts you use currently Use and/or a list of channels you'd like to use but don't have an account for yet.
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Do you currently have an email set up with your business URL? If so, what service do you use? If you don’t, I recommend using Google Workplace and we can set this up with you during the Actionbrand, please let us know either way. 
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Please list, if applicable, any impressive clients, certifications, business memberships, associations media features that I can use to add credibility to your website (and if you don't have any that's OK too!)
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Please share any other logins we need. Please also email or share a Dropbox or Google Drive folder with the following (if applicable):
1. Photography or headshots
2. Existing documents or marketing collateral if I'm editing them
3. Any other materials you believe I need to have
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