Simple Website Edits for More Cash

Make simple edits to your website to project a more professional image and gain more clients.

You have a website that you worked hard on

But it feels a bit DIY and you're not sure how to fix it.


You thought about hiring someone to do it for you

But you can't justify the cost yet and you've already spent all this time on your website.


You used a website page builder but it still doesn't feel right

Because even with the templates, something just isn't there and you're not sure what it is. No matter how long you play around with it, it's still not really working for you.


You've considered starting over

But that feels like it's going to take forever AND you're not sure what went wrong in the first place so how can you fix it a second time around?

Bottom Line

You want to use your websites to show your potential clients that you're serious and professional, but you're not sure how to create that killer website that converts them for you effortlessly.


You knew exactly how to create a professional website...

...without spending thousands on a web designer and knew how to make a website that converts - with one simple framework?

Sound too good to be true?

Let me show you how it works...

When it comes to websites in 2021, you need something a bit different

  1. 1
    Website templates are great, but they don't address the content on your website
  2. 2
    You either have great content presented badly, or you have beautiful presentation with poor content
  3. 3
    People want to find your content easily and have it look nice in the process

And that where Simple Website Edits for More Cash comes in.

Making easy edits (no computer programing or fancy tech are involved), you can radically change how your website is viewed by your potential clients. You can show off who YOU are and how you can help them in a clear way.

And it's all something that you could do in a weekend if you wanted.

Here's the formula:

Step 1:

Do this one thing on every page in your website, and you're on your way to fantastic content.

Step 2:

Avoid these small mistakes that can kill the professionalism of your website - things that I see over and over again from website audits and redesigns.

Step 3:

Brush up on some simple design skills that you can apply today to make sure that your presentation is professional.

Special Tip:

When you know one thing for every page on your website, it's easy to tell if something is working or not - and give yourself a simple metric for when something needs to change.

With a website that works, you can make more cash from potential clients turning into real clients with ease.

Simple Website Edits for More Cash

Make easy edits to your website in a weekend to help you gain more clients with ease. Your website works for you 24/7, never takes a sick day, and requires no training.

 Shouldn't it be the best it can be?

Two women looking at a laptop computer

Here's What You Get

  • The One Thing Training (value $97)
  • Mistakes That Kill Sales Training (value $97)
  • Design 101 Training (value $97)
  • Bonus #1: Tech Training for Broken Stuff (value $47)
  • Bonus #1: The Google Check (value $47)

Total Value: $385

Today's price: $47

Here are the details:

The One Thing Training

  • The one thing you need on your website to draw people in and hook them
  • The formula you can use to create great content that works to convert
  • How to know when you need to change something
  • How to filter through every message on your website to know if it should be there

Mistakes That Kill Sales Training

  • What page builders do wrong and how they screw you up without you even realizing it, and how to fix it
  • Where to look for common mistakes that drain your "good will bank" with your potential clients
  • Little mistakes that you don't think anything of but could be driving your ideal clients away and into the arms of your competitors

Design 101

  • How to make your key messages stand out
  • How to make your website look more professional
  • The metric I use to decide if something is good enough to go on a professional website
  • How to draw attention to the right things in a simple way
Everything that you need to transform your website in a weekend

The Bonuses (with more to come)

Bonus #1: Tech Training for Broken Stuff

My recommendation for how to check for broken stuff on your website and a quick tutorial on how to use it.

Bonus #2: The Google Check

Google can kill your website if they want. Learn how to check it like they do and how to print a report you can send off to a developer to help your rankings (and thus visibility).

More coming soon...

As you ask questions, more bonuses to come!


I'm Jennifer

I started out my web design business with no plan and no clue what I was doing. I learned a lot of hard lessons over time, but one thing that really got to me were these amazing business owners selling amazing services, who seemed to be challenged when it comes to their websites.

Nearly every one told me that they KNEW their website needed work, but they just didn't have time for it. I KNEW they were losing clients and they didn't even know it (the clients you lose are the ones who check you out before they even talk to you and go to talk to someone else).

The ones with the great content and great message were projecting an inconsistent message across their marketing platforms. On social media it looked like they were killing it, but their website told a very different story (often for lack of time and skill).

I work mainly with VIP clients these days, but I realized that a lot of people could benefit from a workshop that showed them the simple (and fast edits) that they could make in a weekend and make a MASSIVE difference on their website.

With simple edits and quick fixes (long term fixes too I might add), you can turn your website from "I'm not sure if I want people to see this" to "I can't wait to add this link to my bio!".

That's what I love to do. Show people the power of simple transformations in their business that brings more cash to the table.

Here's What You Get

  • The One Thing Training (value $97)
  • Mistakes That Kill Sales Training (value $97)
  • Design 101 Training (value $97)
  • Bonus #1: Tech Training for Broken Stuff (value $47)
  • Bonus #1: The Google Check (value $47)

Total Value: $385

Today's price: $47

You Got Questions? I Got Answers!

Do I need special software? Or a specific website platform?

Nope! This workshop isn't about how to technically set up your website, it's about how to design your website and content using a specific framework.

There are tech tutorials, but they are for "finished" sites where you can check for things that may be broken - the exact same way that your potential clients may find something that's broken.

I have recommendations for tech if you need them, but that's not what this workshop is about.

How much time will this take me?

Obviously, it depends on the size of your website. A simple five page website should take less time to edit than a 100 page larger site.

That being said, it should only take you about a weekend to apply any of the edits to the main pages of your website. This workshop includes how to prioritize so you get the biggest wins in the shortest time with the most influential pages.

Will this work for me?

These edits have made a massive difference in so many websites already, but every business is different. If you take the workshop, make the edits, and feel like it's not working, send me an email at

Show me the work and explain that it didn't work, and I'll refund your money. That's how much I believe in this.

Will this only work for me if I sell a service?

This workshop is geared toward service providers, but will work for any website. E-Commerce shops have homepages, need to look professional, and also suffer from the mistakes that I see EVERYWHERE on the web.

So while I speak directly to service providers in this workshop, it can work for you too if you have an eCommerce shop.