The P•A•C Program Pricing

Get the impactful brand you need with my intensive P•A•C Program method

Positioning, messaging, copy, logo, identity, CRM set-up, website design and build and more for B2B Consultants. With virtual workshops for 1-2 decision makers in 2-day intensives, together you and I build out your entire online presence the right way.

I execute everything according to your needs quickly and efficiently in less than a week.

How is this possible? I do the bulk of the creative work ahead of time, so that we efficiently utilize your time to get feedback, make edits in real time, polish and move forward. I only work with done-for-you B2B Consultants, so I know exactly what you need.

Take action and get it done without the hassle.

The P•A•C Program lite

1 day of your time
9am-12pm & 1-4pm

For clients who need the basics (usually people who are at the start of their business journey). I execute the action plan that I developed in the Noticeability Blueprint and help you get noticeable online. I typically build out the marketable messaging and positioning and often includes a logo and outline the changes you need to make to your website to turn your brand into a highly profitable business.



*Previous payment from the Noticeability Blueprint is applied to the cost

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The P•A•C Program plus

3-4 days of your time over 1 week

This is an action-packed week that catapults your business to stand out from everyone else. For the most driven, this package is a complete rebrand with strategy and execution with all the bells and whistles. May include a photo shoot, a larger website, and/or marketing software that will prime you for success moving forward. This is only for those business owners who are serious about leveling up, completely conceptualize by your favorite creative director, me!

The 3-4 days takes place over 1 week to allow time for shooting and editing of photos.



*Previous payment from the Noticeability Blueprint is applied to the cost

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All pricing is in USD.