Productivity Boosters: Tools and Tips to Get More Done


Picture this: it’s a busy day, your to-do list is a mile long, and distractions are everywhere. Sounds familiar, right? As a full-time tech consultant and mother of two small kids, I’m no stranger to the struggle.

That’s why I’m here to share some simple tools and friendly tips to help you take charge of your day and find more time for what matters most.

Productivity Tools: Your New Best Friends

When balancing work, family, and everything in between, the right tools can be your secret weapon. Here are some productivity tools that can help you streamline your workflow and free up more time for the things you love:

Task Management Software

  • Nifty: Manage projects, set deadlines, and collaborate with ease. I use this now to keep my business organized.
  • Trello: Visualize your workflow with boards and cards, perfect for seeing the bigger picture. I used this before I started using Nifty.
  • Todoist: For simple task tracking and prioritization. I’ve tried this in the past. I like it, but I like Nifty better.

Time Tracking Tools

  • Toggl: Track where your time goes and find ways to improve. I’ve used this in the past.
  • RescueTime: Understand your habits and minimize distractions. I’m trying this out at the time of writing this article, but I don’t love it and will probably drop it. It may work better for you, though, if you use standard websites (with IT, a lot of mine aren’t automatically tracked, which was the draw of this tool).

Note-Taking and Idea Management

  • Notion: Create notes, databases, and everything in between for total organization. I’ve used this in the past at previous jobs, and I love it.
  • Microsoft OneDrive: Store, organize, and access your ideas, notes, and projects anywhere. I use this at work, as I work in a Microsoft environment.
  • Google Keep: Capture quick thoughts, set reminders, and organize on the go. I’ve used this in the past. It’s simple, which is nice.

Automation and Workflow Efficiency

  • Zapier: Connect your apps and automate repetitive tasks effortlessly. I couldn’t run my business without this tool.
  • IFTTT: Create simple “if this, then that” workflows to simplify your daily routine. I’ve used this in the past.
  • Microsoft Power Automate: Automate across Microsoft 365 and third-party apps. I’ve been experimenting with this lately and it’s amazing when it comes to Microsoft products.

AI-Powered Helpers

  • ChatGPT: Get quick answers, brainstorm ideas, or write emails. I’m a huge fan and have a Plus account.
  • Grammarly: Polish your writing and ensure your message is clear. I use this every day.
  • HappyScribe: Transcribe meetings and conversations automatically. This is KEY for meeting transcriptions in my business. I take the transcripts and feed them into ChatGPT for summaries and action items. I don’t have to take notes thanks to the transcripts so I can focus on what’s being said instead of documentation.

Personal Productivity Tips: Your Daily Boost

Productivity tools are great, but the right habits can help you make the most of them. Here are some practical tips that have helped me stay on track while juggling work, family, and everything in between:

  • The 2-Minute Rule
    If a task takes less than two minutes, do it right away. It’s a great way to tackle small tasks without letting them pile up.
  • Time Blocking
    Divide your day into blocks of focused work, giving each task your full attention without distractions.
  • Batching Similar Tasks
    I’m a huge fan of batching. Group similar tasks like emails, content creation, or scheduling calls together to minimize switching between activities. For instance, I’ll tackle emails during one focused session each day rather than getting distracted.
  • AI as Your Virtual Assistant
    I use AI tools like ChatGPT to outline my day and research tasks faster. It’s like having a virtual assistant available at all times. I find new uses for AI every day. The other day I gave it a photo of myself and asked what shape sunglasses would work best on me. I was not disappointed with the answers.
  • Start Your Day Early
    I start my day early to avoid interruptions. That quiet hour before the kids wake up is perfect for focused work or planning the day ahead. Because I start early, I end early and have that dedicated time after school to spend with my family.
  • Unplug Regularly
    Taking short breaks away from screens can help you recharge and return to work with fresh ideas and energy. I have a separate home office and I do my best to leave my computer in my office instead of letting it migrate to the rest of the house. It’s made a huge difference in my work-life balance.

Making Technology Less Intimidating

Tech doesn’t have to be scary. Here are a few ways to make it friendlier:

  • Start Small
    Pick one tool or technique to master before moving on to the next. As I say to my kids, take small bites!
  • Seek Support
    Join online communities of like-minded women or work with a consultant who understands your needs. I’m always just a phone call away!
  • Learn at Your Own Pace
    Explore tutorials, webinars, and guides to find the best learning style for you. Everyone learned differently, so find your learning style and lean into it!
  • Remember: It’s Okay to Ask Questions
    There’s no shame in being curious. No one knows everything about tech, and it’s all about finding what works for you.

To Wrap It Up…

As a busy woman entrepreneur or freelancer, finding ways to boost productivity can feel like a lifeline. These tools and tips are here to help you do just that. Whether you’re trying out new software or simply sticking to a morning routine, remember that small changes can lead to big improvements. Here’s to your journey of productivity!

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Jennifer Anastasi

I'm Jennifer Anastasi, a passionate Technology Consultant dedicated to empowering ambitious women entrepreneurs and freelancers. I specialize in helping service providers master tech tools to enhance their businesses. Whether you're just starting or looking to optimize your operations, I'm here to guide you with practical, personalized solutions. From creating efficient websites to crafting seamless email marketing strategies, I'll help you find the best fit for your unique business needs. Let's simplify tech together and make it work for you and your clients.

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