That feeling of landing a new client is like nothing else.

They could have picked from a number of people, but they chose YOU. They are working with YOU. And you are going to help them.

It's the best feeling!

So you dive in and you do your program. They get amazing results and you solve their problems. Now what?

Here's the thing.

Selling to an existing client is a lot easier and less expensive than acquiring a new one. Plus they already know you so it takes much less time.

While you do want to keep adding new clients to your ideal client list, understanding the costs will make you realize that you must also spend time marketing to your existing customers on a regular basis. There has to be a balance.

The more you can increase the lifetime earnings from each client you have, the better your business will grow, and the more likely it is to succeed. And the fewer clients you need altogether.

Research Your Existing Clients

Using all the data you have about your existing clients will help you market to them, but it’s also going to help you create more targeted content and products which will help you get new customers as well as please the old ones.

I get feedback from my clients as I work with them and make adjustments. I ask them questions about what they like and what they don't like.

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And I ask them what else they need. By keeping the lines of communication open, I'm able to spot when there's a need for something more and create new offers that will serve them at a higher level.

My clients all tend to face the same types of problems. I solve certain ones currently, but there are opportunities out there for me to solve other ones. I'm always working on new product offerings, more tools I can provide, and testing them out with my clients.

Some of my best services have come from getting feedback from my favorite clients. I create them so that I could keep working with my favorites and it's only strengthened my business and helped me grow! 

Make Your Clients Feel Like VIPs

When you send regular messages to your current clients, it will make them feel important and will keep your business at the top of their minds.

Regular communication with your clients ensures that they already trust you when you make a new offer to them.

I make sure to let them know where their project stands. I use automations to remind them to book calls, and I check in with them regularly.

It doesn't take much effort, but it goes a long way. I care about my clients and seeing them happy with their project makes me happy as well.

I did a presentation on this in my Facebook group. Go check it out! (opens in a new tab so you won't lose your place).

Here's a fun tip: Send out video updates every week to your current clients. Let them know where their project stands. Anyone can send an email, but not everyone is taking the time to send a special video! I use Vidyard (non-affiliate).

Always Follow Up

Don’t just send one transactional “thank you” email to your clients. Take time to follow up after they have had time to see results, or when they need the next level service if it’s a digital “how-to” product.

I remind clients about website maintenance because it's often overlooked and make sure that I let them know I'm thinking of them after their project has concluded.

I also have been building up the resources I have here on my website. I don't just use blog articles to draw in new clients, but also to write about challenges that I know my current and former clients face.

It's easy to follow up with a resource (especially when it's always available) and to help them get even more value from our time together. You can check out more resources from me on my blog.

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Let Them Help Create New Products with You

Once you have a satisfied customer or two, involve them with your future product development. This is one of the best ways to create offers that people want!

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Keep them in the loop about the benefits of new products, the names you give them, and even the colors you use for design by using that customer email list to send poll questions to them.

Remember, these are your ideal clients that you've worked with. They know what others in their shoes want.

You can also invite them to a special private Facebook Group, where they can discuss their product and let you gain valuable insight by observing the conversations.

I've added all of my clients to a private Facebook Group where I post updates to trends and marketing tools so they can stay up to date even after they finish working with me.

Recruit Clients as Affiliates

If your clients don’t know that you have an affiliate program or referral program, set up your autoresponder so that you tell them on a regular basis about your program, how to sign up, and how much money they could possibly make from your program if they promote it to their friends.

This gets them involved directly with your business, and they’re going to be even more loyal when they’re making money and getting discounts due to promoting to their friends.

Affiliate programs or referral programs get your clients involved directly with your business, and they’re going to be even more loyal when they’re making money and getting discounts due to promoting to their friends.

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These are the people who love your product or service. They know what it's like to work with you.

If you've done everything above, they will be happy to share your product or program with others. I created an affiliate program to show my former clients so love.

To Wrap It Up...

It’s easier to sell to an existing client than to go find someone new whose trust you have to earn. Spend time marketing to your existing client base every day at least as much as you market to new people.

You want them to feel as if they are important too. This is really a no-brainer when it comes to relationships because so many businesses don’t put their customers first, that if you show that you are, you’ll stand out from the crowd.

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I’m Jennifer Anastasi, an Engineer turned Brand Strategist. I empower other service-based businesses to find that clear brand and online presence using my background in tech mixed with creativity (I'm a lifelong creative after all). Unlike courses or group programs, I focus on each business as a unique entity and break down complex and intimidating concepts into easy-to-understand ideas for custom results.

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