My Why: How I Got Here and What that Means for YOU 

 May 23, 2019

By  Jennifer

I was a new mom with zero spare time trying to work for a software company and raise my daughter. I really wanted to make extra money designing websites and help people so I wouldn’t have to feel like I had wasted all my time getting an expensive education and building a career.

I wanted to be able to find a flexible job designing websites that would allow me to spend time with my daughter and do something that I loved just for me. I wanted this so I could create a better life for my family and be excited about my job again.

Have you ever wanted something so badly you could taste it? You could see your life in this future and it’s perfect? That’s what I wanted for myself.

The thing is, I was seeing potential clients building their websites with free tools. They didn’t feel like they needed a website designed and built for them. That meant I wasn’t able to attract any clients, let alone create a better life for my family or wake up excited to get to work.

To make things worse, I felt terrible because I knew these potential clients weren’t getting the value they expected out of those free sites. I felt even worse about the situation because I knew those businesses may potentially fail, a feeling I knew too well. I felt like a failure all around.

Every time someone would tell me that they had created a site themselves, chances are when I would go to look at it, there would be things that were missing, or places where I saw room for improvement.

And I felt that knife turn in my heart when they would tell me that the reason it wasn’t working was because they didn’t have enough traffic, not because they were running off the people who did manage to land on their site.

Then something awful happened…

One day I was merrily going on my way at work, crunching through all my delayed work after a long and hard project, when I was asked to speak to my boss in a conference room. I thought nothing of it, as I walked over, thinking about the people I needed to email and prioritizing tasks in my head.

Well, I got laid off from my job. This meant I had to figure out what to do with my life and FAST, which killed my flexibility and income.

I had been working part time focusing on user experience at a software company. I was in charge of quality for a FDA regulated product. Basically, I was the person making sure that our software did what it said it would do so that researchers could develop a cure for cancer faster.

Yeah, it was a fun job for a while. Unfortunately, the lack of sales and marketing caught up with the company and cuts had to be made so out I went.

I was numb walking to my car, box in hand with pictures from my desk of four years. I saw my daughter’s smiling face glancing up at me from the frame in my box and I had no idea what I was going to tell her someday.

I had built my life around being amazing at my job and digging down to the meat of what people wanted most out of the software. It just turns out that it wasn’t enough.

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened…

That’s when I created a horrible website for a family member using one of those free sites. Hear me out.

This site didn’t work for the family member I had built it for. When I created it, I did it in a weekend as a favor. I used a free site and built it quickly, not paying attention to much of anything. She did get some website visitors, but it never turned into a sale for her amazing paintings of animals.

Now that I had all this time on my hands, I might as well go back and fix some things while I was unemployed and job hunting.

I knew that I needed to reframe how I was looking at website creation to instead focus on the client experience on a site to increase visitors turning into fans and clients. The website alone wasn’t enough. Getting people on your site is hard enough. Why spend time and money sending people to a website if they were just going to leave after four seconds?

I took what I learned in my “day job” as a software engineer with a focus on user experience, and applied it to the websites I was creating to see if I could make a difference. I made changes to my family member’s site, and on my own hobby blog to see what would happen.

I’ll never forget looking at the analytics after a month. The amount of website visitors hadn’t changed, but people were sticking around a lot longer and we were now making more money. Our email subscribers started to climb higher than before and we were shocked at the results.

It was now crystal clear to me how to convert website visitors into not only clients, but raving fans, because I saw I could help other women make adjustments to their websites that allow their business to flourish.

I also learned that instead of using flashy websites attract and wow customers, you need to create an experience where all the flash istargeted to one area, not the entire site.

As a result I redid that horrible website I had designed earlier.

After I did that, I started seeing the stats rise at amazing rates.

I was amazed…

Suddenly, I was seeing fantastic results by making only a few simple shifts.

That’s when I realized that the secret to create my own thriving online business with the flexibility I craved was to design sites in a way that visitors expect and are excited about.

If I could do that, I would be able to build something I was proud of and help a lot of people at the same time. For the first time in a while, I jumped out of bed in the morning to build something that thrilled me.

My plan was to start auditing websites to figure out what people struggle with most. I knew what I thought people were struggling with, but my experience told me that no matter how well I thought I knew my potential customers, there’s always something to be gained by talking to them.

So I started offering audits for free in Facebook Groups for women entrepreneurs and studying everything I could get my hands on about user experience and website flow. But that was just the beginning.

I then audited websites on video so I could show them exactly what I saw and walked them through what was working and what wasn’t. I didn’t want someone to make changes to something that wasn’t broken in a misguided attempt to “fix” their site.

After that, we prioritized the list so that small businesses and entrepreneurs could make the most impact with a small budget. As someone who was also starting out, I could appreciate that not everyone can hire a developer, so I wanted to make sure that they knew where to focus their efforts.

But there was still a problem…

Once I gave my suggestions, there were a lot of people who weren’t sure how to apply them to their websites.

Because of all the free tools out there, so many people build a decent website without understanding the fundamentals behind it. They were left with a house of cards and I was asking them to remove or change a card at the bottom of the tower.

I started getting frantic messages from people who couldn’t afford to hire a developer at an hourly rate, but still needed to learn how to make the changes they needed to make. Now they knew what changes needed to be made (sometimes even with legal consequences) but weren’t sure how to pay for it and DIYing it was confusing and difficult.

Too often women are told that they aren’t technically inclined. I saw so many women build sites that were mostly great, and then turn around and tell me they did it themselves but weren’t “technical”. I was shocked at how limited they viewed their tech skills when they had already built an amazing online business from scratch, by themselves!

I ended up getting so frustrated that I decided to create an online school that would help women build websites right from the start.

I also wanted to help them appreciate and value their own technical knowledge, something that I knew they could do. I have rarely run into someone who is truly technically challenged, and I was determined to prove it to them.

The solution that changes everything

I chose to call it “How to Create A Website That Attracts Your Ideal Client No Matter What Your ‘Tech’ Skills Are”.

I thought if I could create something that would make it possible to build a website quickly and easily regardless of technical skill or budget, I’d be thrilled. I could help so many people and make a difference in my little corner of the Internet.

After weeks of 80 hours of work, all-nighters, and lots (and lots) of caffeine, I created How to Create A Website That Attracts Your Ideal Client No Matter What Your “Tech” Skills Are.

I can now teach non-technical women entrepreneurs how to build a flourishing website and thriving business themselves with confidence and support.

I then started to let other female run online businesses use How to Create A Website That Attracts Your Ideal Client No Matter What Your “Tech” Skills Are.

As a result of all this we were able to achieve the following:

Beta-testers have been through the system with amazing results! Now people who have never considered themselves technical can point to their website and say “I did that” with pride and have confidence in their abilities to grow their website the right way.

They know that it’s done the right way and if they ever want to outsource, they won’t have to pay a developer to fix previous mistakes.

They are finally able to scale at their own pace and know how to look at their sites with a new critical eye. They are able to find and get help when they need it without wasting all of their time on free sites that don’t work.

My life now

After creating How to Create A Website That Attracts Your Ideal Client No Matter What Your “Tech” Skills Are, I was not only able to work for myself and stay home with my daughter, I’ve also been able to stop spending so much time working and feeling unfulfilled, because I can now help women create amazing businesses that will attract the right people from the start.

And in the end, all of this means I’m now able to see my students succeed and feel the pride of knowing that I’ve made a positive impact on many lives, something I am proud to show my daughter someday.

Jennifer Anastasi

I help small business owners transform their businesses by using innovative marketing technology to land higher level clients and I love every minute of it. My goal is to help bring your business dreams into reality by providing a professional and authoritative online presence through your website, and increasing your visibility through your marketing efforts.


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