Email Marketing

Craft an insentive

People don't give out their email address for free. Create a fantastic gift for those that want to follow you.

Create your welcome

Welcome your subscribers and let them know what you're all about! Let them know how much you care.

Provide value

Give them what they want! Give away great value to your list in a variety of ways.

Tired of your emails languishing in your ideal client's inbox?

  • You know you need to send emails to your list, but you don't know what
  • You have been doing the freebie thing, but you don't know how to turn those potential clients into paying clients with emails
  • You feel like you're missing something because using that template that you downloaded for free feels forced (and doesn't work)
  • You want to send emails that feel authentic with ease
  • If you could just do that, you'd get more clients with a resource you most likely already have
  • Imagine if you could send an email and people would take action because they actually opened it and clicked

Check out these free resources to learn more about email marketing:

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I use special email marketing software (called Elevateer) to not only handle my emails, but all of my scheduling, CRM, etc.

I also help clients put together their email strategy to take massive action.

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