Heather Herlong Events is an event planning business with a classic backstory. After leaving an event planning job, Heather started her own company - but her old company owned all of her "proof". She had no event pictures, no testimonials, and had to start from scratch in an industry that's dominated by Pinterest worthy images.

We were able to give her an amazing brand story with a killer website to make all of that not matter ask much, while showing off what Heather is best at - planning amazing events for a specific group of people.

From Cookie Cutter...

Heather had put her own website together and had some great basic branding, but it wasn't what she wanted. She wanted her website to feel professional and attract the right people. She is NOT a wedding planner - but that was the vibe her website was giving off because it looked like all of the other event planner websites out there - that mainly catering to wedding events.

Heather wanted something that would appeal to the modern professional, someone booking corporate events, like a non-profit planning fundraisers. But her current website wasn't showing off her skills appropriately. 

The Solution

Heather has a great personality that wasn't being showcased. Efficient and practical with a side of girly-fun, we had to show that this former servicewoman can save time and money in event planning, plus help a business or non-profit elevate their status in the eyes of their ideal clients.

We were able to redesign her site to be more modern and less "wedding event" by finding stock photos that weren't of "events" but from all sorts of situations. We highlighted her system of "Design, Plan, and Coordinate" so people would know that she does more than just run the event day of.

We also focused on making her website easy for her to update and maintain, with the goal of getting her events on her website as she completes them to show off her newly built personal portfolio for her own business.

...To Unique

With a new website, Heather was able to send potential clients to her website to book initial fit appointments. She's no longer embarrassed about her website, so she's able to book more of these calls. Her business boomed during COVID and she was one of the few event planners in her area to hang on, putting her in a unique position when her local economy opened back up.

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I’m Jennifer Anastasi, an Engineer turned Brand Strategist. I empower other service-based businesses to find that clear brand and online presence using my background in tech mixed with creativity (I'm a lifelong creative after all). Unlike courses or group programs, I focus on each business as a unique entity and break down complex and intimidating concepts into easy-to-understand ideas for custom results.

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