Welcome Every Day She’s Sparkling Readers! - Jennifer Anastasi

Welcome Every Day She’s Sparkling Readers!

Welcome! I promised you a worksheet so here it is:

Bonus: Blog Post Check List

This checklist includes EVERYTHING I do when I create a new blog post. There are a number of free tools that I use. 

I also wanted to invite you to a special Facebook Pop Up Event I'm hosting starting July 8th! It's called "How to Create A Website That Attracts Customers While You Sleep Without Hiring Out" and you can learn more or sign up here.

So who am I exactly?

When you picture a web developer, who do you picture? Is it a dude sitting behind a computer wearing glasses with fast food scattered around him? Or is it a mom balancing a toddler and a tablet, rocking it in high heels?

I'm the former, once a corporate developer swimming in FDA regulations, now on to helping small business owners and non-profits create amazing websites that converts visitors into fans.

After nearly ten years of doing the whole software engineering thing for someone else, I realized that my passion lies in teaching others how to use the technology that I find easy, all in an understandable way. I'm tired of women feeling like they "just aren't technical enough" to create their own sites the right way from day one.

And thus my company was born. I help women create an online presence, enjoy more credibility, and stand out from the crowd to grow their businesses to new heights they never thought possible.

So many people have amazing websites that aren't converting for them. People visit their sites, but leave before getting to the good stuff. And that's where I come in.

I have a unique ability to look at a website and know why people are leaving. And the best part? I know how to fix it.

To top it off, the educational piece is essential to me. I don't like to create a website and drop it on my clients. Instead, I want to empower them to run their site with confidence and feel in control of their business.

Do you want to learn more? Check out my background story or email me at jennifer@jenniferanastasi.com!

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