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Experiences You Should Have Podcast

The customer had a website that wasn't working for her. She felt the user experience was "off" so we decided to pump her branding up a bit and create a new website using the Astra Pro theme. Her content stayed the same, but it has a bigger impact.

We also made sure the user experience was fantastic on mobile so her listeners can find the episode they are looking for without extra clicks.

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Tools Used:


Astra Pro


Experiences You Should Have Podcast

My mobile UX before bringing Jennifer on was not the greatest experience. The WordPress theme I was using was clunky and users didn't have a great experience when they came to the site.

Since working with Jennifer, she changed my theme, helped me solidify my brand colors and she took my site to a whole new level. I am much happier with the mobile and desktop UX of my podcast site and am so happy I decided to work with Jennifer!

Jennifer was easy to work with and was quick to make changes.

Gail Menasco ... Owner and Podcaster

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