Emery Law 

 October 7, 2020

By  Jennifer Anastasi

The customer had a website created on a free platform. She was transitioning her business and wanted a professional website that could collect payment from her clients and show off her new space.

We were able to get her a professional looking website that will help her convert visitors to clients. We also added payment options and embedded her calendar in her website so she can do more consults.

Tools Used:


Astra Pro


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Jennifer Anastasi

I’m Jennifer Anastasi, an Engineer turned Brand Strategist. I help service providers achieve clear branding strategies using a blend of creativity and technology. Unlike course creators and group programs, I focus on each business as a unique entity and break down complex concepts into easy-to-understand ideas for custom results. Together we build more than just a website; we put together your online presence one puzzle piece at a time.

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