The word “Blog” refers to the area on your website with some type of content. Most of the time when we talk about a “Blog”, it’s written content. These days they can include videos (or “vlogs”), graphics, podcasts, and mixtures of content types.

There’s a connotation of the word however that makes some business owners question if they should call the content container on their website a “Blog” or if they should call it something else.

Here’s a list of a variety of names you could use:


KISS. Sometimes just calling a blog a blog is the easiest way to let your visitor know where to find your content, especially if it’s in-depth written content. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.


If you have a more academic spin, “Articles” sounds nice and it’s pretty clear what you’re going to find when you click on it. You’d want to use this if you have mostly written content.


If your content focuses on updates for your visitors, especially if they are updates about your company, then “Updates” could work really well. This wouldn’t work so well if you’re providing something that would be considered an article though.

News / News Bulletin

Like updates, this works well if the content is mainly news. It also would be important to keep your “news roll” up to date.

Insider News

This is a great name if you are building a community of insiders. It can make your visitors feel special. It makes sense if you have a lot of news articles and they are specific to a topic like your industry or company.

Industry Updates

Like Insider News, this would be a great name if you’re giving updates about your industry for a specific group of people.

Customer Corner / Client Corner

This name would be great if you’re giving information that is specific to your customers. This content would most likely include tutorials, in-depth instructions on how to use your product or service, and other information that others probably wouldn’t care about but your clients would.


If your blogroll contains a lot of announcements (and only announcements), then it would make sense to call it announcements. It’s clear what a person is getting, as long as you’re not mixing in other content as well. That’s when it could become murky and nobody wants that.

Resource Hub / Resources

I love using Resources as a catchall when there are a variety of formats. It’s a bit ambiguous so it’s not a perfect solution, but in some situations, it’s the best option for the job. I have my blog roll under “Resources” as a “Blog” because most people get it at that point. The resources page itself contains the categories of my blog as well as gives my viewers more information to start, but it’s basically a fancy blogroll with “Blog” serving as the traditional one. I give people two options to pick from essentially and each is laid out about how you’d expect it.

Info / Information

Information is extremely generic. While it may be a great way to describe your blog roll if you’re giving a lot of straightforward information, it’s ambiguous and you may find your click rate suffers. Or your viewers may love it. It’s worth a test if the other options don’t work out.


If you have a lot of educational articles and people are used to learning things about you, this could be an alternative. However, what are they learning? It’s a bit confusing and I’m not sure what to expect if I click “Learn”, so use with caution.


Do you analyze trends or take a deep dive into content in your industry? This particular name is great for someone trying to build authority around going deep into specific topics.

Thought Leadership

Another great name for those trying to be a thought leader by creating authority using content.

Do you have any other ideas? Leave them in the comments!

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