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Website and Branding Design

  • Have all of your branding in one place
  • Single page is easy to print and hang near your workstation
  • Track your fonts, colors, logos, and styles
  • Send to your web designer for consistancy
  • Available as a Canva template for easy customization
  • FREE for you today!

Theme Change and Redesigns

For when you just need someone to fix it

  • Update to a professional theme
  • Includes moving over your logo, navigation, colors, fonts. You will get a new header and a new footer
  • Options to add on single page redesigns as well
  • Bonuses provided where we'll update your plugins (and add recommended ones if you'd like), recommendations for you based on expertise in web design, Google Analytics added to the theme (no plugins required), and your old website backed up
  • Developed on our server so you don't have to worry about your website being altered until the work is done with very little downtime
  • Investment starts at $300

Website Creation

Starting from scratch OR converting from a "free" website builder like Wix

  • Create a beautiful and responsive website that looks great no matter where you view it
  • Includes everything from the Theme Update
  • Includes hosting for the first year ($120 per year after that)
  • Includes creating your menus, Sample Cookie Policy, Sample Privacy Policy, Sample Terms and Conditions, Homepage, About Me, Services, Contact Me (and the option to add more)
  • Configured to be ready to go out of the gate with great security for piece of mind
  • Options for me to add content, or to add your content yourself
  • Investment starts at $1,500

Website Refresh Monthly Plans

When you need some help on a payment plan

  • Starts with a full website audit
  • You get a prioritized game plan report with highest impact at the top and lowest impact at the bottom
  • We review the game plan together at the start of the month
  • Monthly packages are provided based on your budget
  • We work down your list every month starting with the highest priority changes
  • Investment starts at $150 per month with a three month minimum  

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Don't just take my word for it:


Sports Zenergy

I was not happy with my website.

I ended up with the absolute best website ever! I love the color scheme - it matches my logo, my business card and the colors of my office! I have been trying for over 4 years to get my website the way I like it and Jennifer was the first person (I worked with 5 others) that was able to accomplish exactly what I was looking for.

I also appreciated her genuineness and taking the time to explain what my site was doing and how it was going to be so much better!!

I was surprised that I finally found someone who understood the type of website I was looking for, for my business.

Jennifer was a pleasure to work with and exceeded my expectations! Her positive attitude and amazing energy! Highly recommend!!

Shirley Shepardson - Owner and Massage Therapist

New Blog

Before I connected with Jennifer, I was LOST. I was in need of a WordPress design for my blog. The original designer that I was in contact with cancelled his services almost a week before my site launch and I was frantic trying to find someone who would accommodate me in such a short period of time.

The feedback from my site has been outstanding. All of my supporters love everything from the layout, to the design, and also the colors.

I liked how responsive Jennifer was through the whole process. Whenever I had a question about something, she responded back to me in a reasonable timeframe. She always kept me in the loop on what was going on and I always knew what to expect throughout the entire process.

I have shared my sentiments of Jennifer through the original FB group that we originally connected on and I would highly recommend her to anyone I encounter that may be in need of someone to help create a website for them.

What surprised me the most about my website was the turn around time. Even though Jennifer gave me a time frame, I was a little skeptical because of the feedback I had been given from other designers when I told them how quickly I needed this project completed. She kept her word and was able to have my site ready and launched in a little under a week.

I just want to say again that Jennifer did an EXCELLENT job on my website and she is HIGHLY recommended. I appreciate her taking on this website as if it was her own. She made sure everything was exactly how I wanted it and answered every single question that I had throughout the process. She gave great recommendations and understood the creative direction that I wanted for my site. She put my mind at ease about launching and I was able to focus on other aspects of my blog. Thank you so much again, Jennifer and l look forward to working with you again in the future~

Sai Clements - Financial Blogger

Social Media Coaching

I did not have a website and didn't how about doing it. I am not a techy person so I like to outsource some things I am not good with.

I ended up with a beautiful website that fits me and my brand.

I liked most how simple and easy she was to work with when it came to my brand.

If struggling to make a website for yourself or finding someone to work with for your website, Jennifer I felt was easy to work with.

I was surprised with how professional my website looked!

If you're not sure, go for it. She is easy going and listen to how you would like your website.

Amber Cross - Owner and Coach

I had no website and as an artist in this day and age a website is absolutely crucial to my business!

Believe it or not I’ve already gotten some commissions, sold some prints and have an art exhibition in the works.

Jennifer is very computer savvy, is easy to work with and worked with my suggestions ... I’m absolutely thrilled with the website and look forward to working with her in the future to make sure the website is up to date.

I would highly recommend working with Jennifer on a website as she is extremely creative and talented and works with your ideas so it becomes your own unique website.

Absolutely hire her as she is not only smart and creative but trusts your judgement as well so that it is truly your own website with your personal touch.

Jennifer is a brilliant web designer and I’m thrilled with the quality of work she produces!

Paula Anastasi-Buehler

Experiences You Should Have Podcast

My mobile UX before bringing Jennifer on was not the greatest experience. The WordPress theme I was using was clunky and users didn't have a great experience when they came to the site.

Since working with Jennifer, she changed my theme, helped me solidify my brand colors and she took my site to a whole new level. I am much happier with the mobile and desktop UX of my podcast site and am so happy I decided to work with Jennifer!

Jennifer was easy to work with and was quick to make changes.

Gail Menasco - Owner and Podcaster
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