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Work With Me

If you're ready to get more ideal clients, higher brand visibility, and clients who are seeking you out, you need my three step process to transform your business to land higher level clients.

Step 1: Find and Engage Your Ideal Prospects

You need to know who and where they are first

  • Define your ideal prospects 
  • Identify how you can help them in only a way you can
  • Learn where they are hanging out online (and it may not be where you think!)
  • Transform your online image to represent you, what you do, and ultimately increase your brand visibility
  • Using a clear strategy, we increase your relationships with your ideal prospects and prime them to work with you
  • Learn what your ideal prospects really want so you can provide them with the best service

Step 2: Convert Them to Paying Clients

From ideal prospects to paying clients

  • Revamp your website to use your strong brand voice and instantly make your visitors feel at home
  • Using the latest in design trends and conversion techniques based on psychology, we set you up for higher conversions
  • We establish you as an authority in your field and show it off! Doing so sets you up to help the most people
  • Take your business to the next level, regardless of your starting point with more clients (and revenue)

Step 3: Manage Your Clients With Ease

Keep them happy and coming back for more!

  • Use innovative technology to manage projects to help you unearth more time for your business
  • People are more likely to work with you if you have a great track record, something we easily highlight automatically
  • We create a strategy to show it off and draw in new prospects using the latest tech tools and techniques
  • You sit back and enjoy a hot (or cold) beverage while the tech does a large portion of your marketing for you

If you're tired of struggling to find clients to grow your business, we need to talk. I offer free strategy calls to go over your current situation and find where the problems are (often they aren't where you think).

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What others have to say...


What I knew was that I was struggling with getting my ideal audience to notice my site.

I didn't realize that there was so much more to blogging that I didn't know! Parts of it directly, and negatively, effecting my site traffic! Since receiving my audit I have gone through and totally revamped my website, making it more user friendly and more likely to attract and retain the kind of audience that I am searching for.

I love how thoroughly the job was done! I love that I have a video that I can refer to again and again while I am trying to adjust and improve my website. Most of all I love that I didn't just receive a checklist of what is wrong with my site. I received that and so much more, including how I can take the parts of my blog that are working against my success and FIX THEM and make them work for me!

Her turn around time is amazing! Jennifer seems to genuinely want others to succeed so I feel like she puts her best effort into determining ways to help you improve your business and make it the success that you dream of it being!

I was surprised by all of the info that I received, it was a lot more in-depth than I expected.

If it's someone relatively new to the blogging world I would say definitely go for it! Jennifer is such a wealth of knowledge and she will help set your site up to be successful from the start!

Stephanie Shuman

I contacted Jennifer with questions regarding select/specific elements of designing a website customized to the needs of my company.

Jennifer offered incredible added value in our intro call alone! She set me in the right direction regarding my website design process, immediately identified areas where my process could be improved and exuded expertise when answering all of my questions.

Hannah Reid

The Burrows Way

I was struggling with optimizing my website & some overall basic questions on how to do things in WordPress.

Jennifer pointed out some amazing things (& some not so great things) from my website and step by step showed me how to change what needed to be changed.

She left no question unanswered & was very easy to work with.

Would I recommend her? Yes! 100% yes.

She was very fast to get back to and at the end had a video for me that I can look back on with amazing tips.

Why wouldn’t you hire her? She knows what she’s doing and will 100% get you the results you want.

Thank you Jennifer! You have been amazing to work with and I appreciate you taking the time to walk me through this. You’re amazing!

I needed help with designing a website that readers understand what I do when they first visit my website.

Jennifer provided feedback on areas that could be improved making it a friendlier user experience.

She never made me feel bad about how my website currently looks. She praised what was already done well and where things could be better

She’s honest, detailed, and most importantly empathetic.

I was surprised that what I thought looked good needed to be improved. It was so nice to get a fresh set of eyes on my website. She provided actionable feedback on things I can easily fix.

If you’re looking to move your business forward then hire her. Content that converts matters and she will be able to provide the feedback needs to help you reach your goals.

After doing this on my own for quite some time, she gave me perspective that I’d been missing quite some time. I’m so happy to have found her

Marie Jackson

I didn’t realize how inconsistent I was, in terms of branding, links, etc.

I am so GRATEFUL that I came across her services! I would still be in the dark and wondering why things weren’t working out for me. I am amazed at how much I strayed from my original ideas and that she caught them. I am so excited to get started with the changes and start seeing growth!

She was extremely respectful and knew what to say and how to say it! Not once did I feel like she “talked down” or made me feel like I was doing a horrible job with my business.

I definitely would recommend her services to anyone and everyone who asked! She’s skilled at what she does and I feel like everyone could benefit from her technique.

Just her overall kindness and personality. She never made me feel small; rather she guided me. She had great suggestions that I wasn’t getting anywhere else.

I would tell people that she’s very thorough and knowledgeable in her area! And she’s respectful and gives great advice.

I feel truly blessed to have come across her, and I just KNOW that my business will be much better after taking her advice.

Lori Silva - Owner and Founder

I was unsure of what my ideal customer would think of my website and had questions about the brand, the layout, and a few other questions.

Jennifer helped me understand more about what people WANT to see when they get to my website. With her help, I am revamping so that it will be easier to navigate, that people will understand what is being offered from the get go, and the branding will be uniform across the browsing experience.

Jennifer talks about the good and the bad. She is experienced, offered a lot of great advice, and was very helpful!

I have already recommended Jennifer to others and will continue to do so.

I am thrilled that Jennifer loved the branding concept that I came up with. I agreed wholeheartedly with her assessment of my website and cannot wait to be able to implement the changes.

I would tell anyone who is unsure of hiring her that it will totally be worth it.

Jennifer has a great mind and great advice. You won't be sorry that you used her services.

Brenda Deming

I DIY'd my website so I'm always unsure if anyone but myself thinks it looks put together! I wanted to gain some feedback from someone who was objective and knowledgeable about websites so I could learn what was working for me and what wasn't.

Jennifer's feedback was SO helpful! She was great about telling me what things I was doing RIGHT and what things needed improvement to help my business. I got WAY more information and insight from her than I would have thought possible. I now have an actionable to-do list of improvements I can make to my site rather than taking shots in the dark and hoping for the best.

I appreciated her honesty and openness about what I was doing right but also what I needed improvement on.

I would recommend Jennifer because her work was extremely timely and helpful. As an entrepreneur, you can't be good at everything and this was definitely an area where I was lacking. It just makes sense to reach out and get help from someone more knowledgeable, even if you are more of a DIY type of business person.

I was surprised by HOW MUCH information and help she provided. It was way more helpful than I could have imagined. Now I have a list of to dos, some that need to be done ASAP and others that can be done as time allows.

Should you hire her? Do it! You won't regret it and your website will be taken to the next level because of it!

Thank you so much for doing this for me! I greatly appreciate all of your feedback and look forward to working on your suggestion changes!

Carianna Gibb
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