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Improving Conversions

Here’s a sneak peek at my upcoming Podcast!

Once you have your website up and running, you’re good to go right? I mean, you took my advice and you don’t have ads all over the place or pop-ups. That is a fantastic first step! Keep in mind however that you’ll always want to be on the offensive making sure you have a great …

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  “Ouch, it hurts my eyes!” I yelled at my computer screen, hitting the back button on my browser to get off of the offending website. There were ads and bright colors (in a bad way) all over the place.       Often, we know what we don’t like in other websites. We don’t …

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As a website designer who is focused on user experience, I talk about bounce rate a lot. What exactly is a bounce rate? What are user comes to your website, in general you want them to stick around for awhile. You probably want them to visit other pages on your website. If you are an …

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