Renee has a great business that fits a real need in her community. She helps small trade business hire employees so they can grow. 

With a DIY logo and positioning however, she wasn't seeing the results she knew she could be getting.

From Hazy...

Renee and I had worked together on her website before, but we never addressed the elephant in the room, the messaging and strategy. This time around we started from scratch to create an amazing brand.

Renee was struggling with how to position herself. She's not a recruiter or a head hunter, so where did that leave her? Plus she wasn't completely sure who her ideal client was or how to expand her business outside of our small area.

She knew her current messaging wasn't working, and she was struggling to get clients to commit to giving her the information she needed. Because she was always chasing clients down for simple information, her hiring process was delayed and she had unhappy clients.

She needed a better process for moving people through a clear and repeatable process, on top of the better messaging and branding.

The Solution

First, we put a new process into place. Renee has a branded lead product (her Hire Plan) and a bullseye product (the Hire Path). She's now meeting with her clients for two hours before she starts the hiring process so she gets a "download" of the information she needs. 

This has eliminated the back and forth and allows her to move forward confidently with hiring an employee for her clients. She also gets paid for these consultations, eliminating the fear of not fully understanding what her clients need if they don't give her the full story in a 15 minute phone call.

Next, we built a new brand around her new process and more tightly defined niche. Not only did she get new messaging, but she also go a new logo and website.

Her new website features her new brand and outlines the new process to work for her.

We continued with her branding and set up a software system that handles the lead product and bullseye process for her. With customized emails set up for every step of the way, Renee can now manage her entire sales and client fulfillment process from one platform.

...To Clear

Renee has gotten amazing feedback in the short time since she's launched. It's more clear who she works with, so those ideal clients are contacting her.

Her new clients also appreciate her new process as it clearly defines what their next steps are. 

Renee is also more confident in her systems. She knows that she can keep an eye on her entire process and that none of her clients (or potential clients) will slip through the cracks.

About the Author Jennifer Anastasi

I’m Jennifer Anastasi, an Engineer turned Brand Strategist. I empower other service-based businesses to find that clear brand and online presence using my background in tech mixed with creativity (I'm a lifelong creative after all). Unlike courses or group programs, I focus on each business as a unique entity and break down complex and intimidating concepts into easy-to-understand ideas for custom results.

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