About Me

I'm Jennifer!

After nine years of working as a software engineer for NASDAQ and scientific companies, I started my own business creating efficient websites for other small businesses.

A year later, I noticed that my clients needed more than just websites. They needed help with their branding and marketing. And what came easy to me was stressful for them.

Now I use my Masters in Software Engineering to empower other B2B Consultants to find that clear online presence using my background in tech mixed with creativity (I'm a lifelong creative after all). 

Unlike courses or group programs, I focus on each business as a unique entity and break down complex and intimidating concepts into easy-to-understand ideas for custom results.

When it comes to your messaging and website, I use my background to help you create an amazing experience that draws in your ideal client and shows them why they have to work with you, and I show you how to use everything confidently with ease moving forward. 

I help make your life easier so you can attract those ideal clients with ease.

I believe...

Everyone and every business is unique. That means that cookie-cutter branding doesn't work. You have your own story and preferences; something that should be celebrated.

Everyone comes to the table with their own skill-set and ideasYou can learn anything that is explained correctly for you.

Having the highest level of integrity is one of the few things you CAN control in this online world. It's important do the right thing.

When it comes to your business, less is more. Providing a simple experience is key to giving your clients an experience to remember without all the extra fluff.

Featured On

As you may notice, I've taken the Ethical Move pledge.

This pledge is a sign of the commitment that I make to my clients, prospective clients, and casual visitors. 

In a world where shady tactics are being used on a regular basis to sell subpart services, it's important to take a step back for the greater good.

Nobody is perfect and we all slip up from time to time, myself included. We can always learn and grow and do better.

Ethics in marketing is a hot button issue these days and I understand that it can be intimidating for some. I'm happy to have conversations in a judgement-free zone!

I put the person before the sale.

I respect you and your privacy. I will help you make the best choice for your needs, not mine.

I communicate inclusively, truthfully, and clearly.

I will not confuse you or hide information from you. I will help all audiences feel welcome.

I take responsibility for my part in changing the marketplace.

I recognize the need to break the cycle of consumerism. I will continuously review my sales and marketing to ensure they benefit the common good.

I count on you to hold me accountable. Please connect with me if you see me not honoring my pledge.

Want to see if we're a good fit to work together?