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From Software Engineer to Brand Builder

How does a software engineer move to creating brands for service providers?

After nine years of working as a software engineer for companies like NASDAQ and several scientific companies (Water's Corp and One Hill Solutions), I wanted to start my own company doing something different.

I turned to web design because it had always been a passion of mine and I'm good at it. Plus I wanted to help the solopreneurs out there have a great experience.

A year later, I realized that my web design clients didn't need just websites, they needed help with their branding and marketing if they really wanted to make an impact. I jumped into learning everything there is to learn about branding, and I realized that there are SO MANY similarities to the work I was doing as a software engineer.

As a software engineer with a Masters in Engineering, I had to figure out how a software product should work, how to communicate between groups of people who didn't speak the same "language", and then go and create it.

As a brand builder, I figure out how a brand should work, how to communicate it to ideal clients, and then I go and create it. Throw in a healthy dose of process and systems to the mix and the pieces fall together!

I help service providers achieve clear branding strategies using a blend of creativity and technology. Unlike course creators and group programs, I focus on each business as a unique entity and break down complex concepts into easy-to-understand ideas for custom results.

When it comes to your messaging and website, I use my engineering background to help you create an amazing experience that draws in your ideal client and shows them why they have to work with you. Your messaging can help you gain clients easily by communicating who you are and whom you want to work with for easier marketing as a service provider.

I believe...

Our thoughts and feelings shouldn't stay locked up in our heads. We need to put them out there and express them to the world. We're all about making how we feel and think on the inside visible to others.

Everyone and every business is unique. That means that cookie-cutter branding and marketing don't work. You have your own story and preferences; something that should be celebrated.

Everyone comes to the table with their own skill-set and ideas. It's important to honor and respect those skills to grow and scale your business. You can learn anything that is explained correctly for you.

At the end of the day, all you really have is your word. Having the highest level of integrity is one of the few things you CAN control in this online world. It's important do the right thing.

It’s easy to get caught up in our complicated world. When it comes to your business however, less is more. Providing a simple experience is key to giving your clients an experience to remember without all the extra fluff.

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