About Me

From Corporate Developer to

Branding and Marketing Strategist

In 2010, I started a blog, a personal blog that became my therapy. In 2017, I created an Etsy business and a personal development blog. Then in 2019 I started my very own web development business full time and I've never looked back. Now I help other small business with their branding and marketing and I love everything I do.

With so many mixed messages out there when it comes to marketing, I flailed around and made every mistake in the book. But with each mistake, I learned priceless lessons that I now teach others.

Now, I could never go back to working the "traditional" job. After 10 years of corporate for companies including NASDAQ, it was time to use my masters for something else.

I help entrepreneurs who struggle with growing their business gain a professional strategy and plan for success. I offer a human approach with a blend of cutting edge technology and creativity.

Before I focused on branding and marketing, I noticed that my web design clients struggled when it came to who they were as a business and what content would help them convey who they were to their ideal audience. Now we work on that first, and then create those amazing websites that everyone wants!

These are tried and true methods that I apply to my own business every day. I walk the walk and want you to do the same.

Now for the details:


  • Bachelors in Software Engineering with a web development focus
  • Masters in Software Engineering
  • First student to complete a 5 year dual degree program
  • Completed a full range of digital marketing courses
  • Certified through Digital Marketer

Work History:

  • Worked for the web development team at NASDAQ
  • Developer for Water’s Corp, a scientific instrumentation company
  • In charge of user experience of an FDA regulated software product at One Hill Solutions
  • Two time blog writer, Etsy shop owner, and web designer
  • Ten years in software and website development
  • Launched two businesses that relied completely on digital marketing

Other Info:

  • Podcaster (new podcast launching soon!)
  • Designed and developed websites for small business owners - and learned you need MORE than a website
  • Extensive research in current web development techniques
  • Master at digital marketing
  • Mom of a spirited toddler
  • Pet owner of a fluffy golden retriever — a notorious sock thief
  • Refuses to get an iPhone

My goal is to help bring your business dreams into reality by providing a professional and authoritative online presence.

Most people skip branding steps because they are bombarded with messages day in and day out of what they should be doing but they miss steps along the way

I help you clear it all up, spark ideas, and help evolve your business so you can have the business you always envisioned.

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I believe...

I aim to provide a welcoming atmosphere for all. I believe that everyone should feel welcomed no matter what their skill-set or background.

I strive to be empowering of others and to lead by kindness. I believe withthe right guidance and passion, success in business is possible for anyone. I 
empower my clients to grow their businesses in an authentic way.

The personal touch and unique experiences is something that I strive for in everything that I do. Every business is different and unique with its own set of challenges. I treat them as such.

I am genuine in my efforts and treat each business as if it were my own. I understand the amount of trust you must place in me and don’t take it for granted.

Get to know some random facts about me

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Favorite Book: Pride and Prejudice

Happy Place: The Beaches of Cape Cod

Hobby: Crocheting

Secret Talent: I'm a tap dancer!

Favorite Music: 90's Country

Favorite Color: Blue