Let me guess. You are trying to build up your business, but something somewhere just isn’t working the way it should. You don’t have as many clients as you’d like, and you’re struggling to establish yourself.

According to KPMG, “55% of people will search online for reviews and recommendations before making a purchase, with 47% visiting the company website, 26% checking out the physical store, and 23% of people talking with friends and family.” And these numbers are only going up.

If you don’t have a website, or your website doesn’t project your professionalism and experience, then you’re leaving money on the table.


Does your website pass the sniff test?

  1. You have to pinch and zoom on mobile or some parts of your website are hard to read on mobile.
  2. You don’t have a privacy policy or if you do, you’re not sure it would hold up in a court of law.
  3. Music or videos auto-play when you open your website.
  4. You ask your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter.
  5. It takes more than 3 seconds for your website to load.
  6. Your homepage is mostly text with few photos.
  7. You have more than 7 links in your header navigation. This may or may not include legal pages.
  8. Your website says “Theme by…”, “Built on…”, or has a website builder logo on it.
  9. You use more than 6 colors on your homepage.
  10. You have more than 3 things that move on your homepage, including pop-ups, moving text, animations, and/or jiggly buttons.
  11. Your copyright is not 2020.
  12. You haven’t changed anything on your website in 6 months or longer.
  13. If someone landed on your website with no outside context, they would have no idea what you do.

Did you answer yes to five or more of these questions? If so, then you have a failing score. You are losing out on potential sales and hurting your business.

So what can you do? It may be time to bring in a professional. I offer no-pitch discovery calls so book one today!

About the Author Jennifer Anastasi

I’m Jennifer Anastasi, an Engineer turned Brand Strategist. I empower other service-based businesses to find that clear brand and online presence using my background in tech mixed with creativity (I'm a lifelong creative after all). Unlike courses or group programs, I focus on each business as a unique entity and break down complex and intimidating concepts into easy-to-understand ideas for custom results.

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